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Hello Buddy!

Withdraw Your Commissions Now

You can apply for Withdrawal 24/7.

You will need to submit your Withdrawal Form before Monday every week if you want to withdraw your commissions within next week.

Our team will calculating your account and credit your referral commission in your bank account directly every Thursday.

If not credited in your account till next Monday 12 pm resubmit this "Commissions Withdrawal Request Form"

Guidelines For Withdrawal

  • You will need to fill up this above form to withdraw your commission from AOCKET Community.

  • For withdrawal you will need to provide us your "Unique Secret Withdrawal Key" which will be mailed to you with your Membership ID Card.

  • Do not request for withdrawal if you know that you have not referred any member or if no member is linked with your Membership ID.

  • To earn commissions you will need to submit your Membership ID while your referred member is filling up his or her "Membership Form".

  • To be eligible for withdrawal you must refer to at-least 2 members of your same membership plan. We will also run various live event for building network or bring new members to our platform. Those members will be added below you or other member one by one. You will earn referral commissions of those members also which you can withdraw any time.

  • Member's Withdrawal Request form submitted till Sunday of that particular week will receive their commission after Thursday's payout process.

  • Do not apply twice per week for withdrawal.


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