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  • Who can apply for the AOCKET COMMUNITY Membership?
    Anyone with 18 years and above can apply for the membership.
  • What will I have to do after being a member?
    After being a member try to build your network with at least two to four members and start earning with us. Here in AOCKET COMMUNITY every new member get adds up under an existing member even if that existing member knows the new member or not
  • What if I cannot refer any member?
    No problem, if you cannot refer any member with time when a new member join our membership they will be added under you and you will receive commissions of those new members and down-line of those members till next 10 stages. We recommend that you start with SILVER Membership Plan as it is a very low cost plan which lots of people can contribute and build your network. After that use the existing network and purchase GOLD, DIAMOND & PLATINUM plans and earn in Lacs per month. You can REBORN the same Membership Plan every month after crossing Stage 6.
  • How to join the AOCKET COMMUNITY Membership?
    First go to the Business Plan page and purchase whichever plan you like. Than you will receive a mail from AOCKET COMMUNITY where there will be a pdf file with a link or QR code to generate your Membership ID Card. After submitting the Membership Application you will receive your Membership ID Card with your Unique Membership Number in your mail. If not found there check your spam folder. You will definitely get it there. Than you are ready to refer with your friends.
  • How to purchase SILVER MEMBERSHIP PLAN?
    To purchase SILVER MEMBERSHIP PLAN click here or Go to Business Plan Page and see our Membership Plans and you will reach the product page. Than purchase the Membership Plan. After purchase fill-up the Application form send to you through mail. Than you will receive your ID Card. But from than moment only you can refer to your friends with your Membership ID which is your Invoice No. mailed to you.
  • How to withdraw my referral income?
    To withdraw your referral income you will have to fill up "Withdrawal Request Form" from the Withdrawal Page. All the details are clearly mentioned in that page. You will not have any problem.
    Any member who have completed referring 2 members or after getting 2 down line from AOCKET COMMUNITY. We recommend that you refer 2 of your friends and within a week be a part of the Community Group and be a part of the large group.
    After completing at-least 2 down-line members fill-up the Withdrawal Request Form, in that Request Form you will have a option to enroll for Community group. After that you can start communicate with all other members and create large group. AOCKET Community will help the members of the groups and build a network for you and guide you in the process how you can earn.
  • How to Withdraw Community Fund?
    You can fill up the contact form from the website home page and our representative will contact you and guide you.
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